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The text and copyright symbol ©WARREN LIEBMANN does NOT appear on the poster.
US Army Bell AH-1F, Cobra, head on view.
This head-on view of a US Army National Guard Bell AH-1F Cobra was captured on film by photographer Warren Liebmann. Armed to the teeth with TOW Missile System, 2.75 inch rockets, and 22mm cannon this large vertical format poster is a unique purchase.

The development of the Bell AH-1G "Huey" Cobra dates back to the 1960's when the need was recognized for a light fast armed escort helicopter designed specifically to carry weapons and be able to target them very accurately. Bell Helicopter-Textron began design of the model 209 AH-1 "Huey" Cobra in 1965 as a successor to it's UH-1B/UH-1C "Huey" in the gun ship role. The result, incorporating the best features from the UH-1C "Huey", and many parts in common with the UH-1D, was the World's first attack helicopter. The Cobra was first deployed to Vietnam in September 1967.

The narrow 38 inch wide airframe presented a much more difficult target than it's derivative, the 100 inch wide UH-1 "Huey". During the Vietnam War, the AH-1G Cobra was used extensively in a variety of missions ranging from armed escort and reconnaissance to fire suppression and aerial rocket artillery. The Cobra, or "Snake", was often used effectively when paired with an unarmed OH-6A Cayuse "Loach" or OH-58A Kiowa light observation helicopter or a UH-1H "Nighthawk".

AH-1F Cobra is equipped with the Allied Signal Engines (ASE) T53-L-703 1800 shp turboshaft engine, gearbox, and transmission introduced to the Production AH-1S Cobra. Armament consists of the three-barrel M197 20mm automatic gun mounted on the M97A4 armament subsystem. The Modernized AH-1F is equipped to fire eight TOW (Tube-Launched, Optically Tracked, Wire Command-Link Guided) anti-tank missiles, and the Hydra 70 2.75 inch rocket system. The Cobra can also disperse chaff and infrared jamming flares using the M130 general purpose dispenser.

Poster Details:
Text At Bottom Of The Poster:

Bell AH-1F Cobra – Ist Battalion "ATTACK" 142nd Aviation Regiment, "The Blackhearts", NY Army National Guard, Rochester, NY - Armed with TOW missile system, 2.75 in Rocket pods, 20mm cannon - © Copyright Warren Liebmann 1999 - Printed in Canada by Silver Reflection Posters Inc. - www.silverreflection.com

Production Details
Size: 18 x 24 inches
Artwork: full color photograph
Print Method: 4-color off-set lithography
Paper: 115lb hot-pressed off-set
Finish: varnish coat
Reference: SR0017
Size, capacity: 18 x 24in
Weight: 1.00oz
Manufactured by: Silver Reflection Posters Inc.
Copyright Information:

The images on this page are low resolution scans of original transparencies. Warren Liebmann/Silver Reflection Posters owns all rights to these images and they are protected under United States and international copyright laws. All of the contents, including the photographs, on this and any of the other pages are protected by © copyright; whether or not the copyright symbol appears. The images may not be reproduced, copied, stored, or manipulated in any way without the written permission of Warren Imaging. E-mail us for information on purchasing reproduction rights at info@silverreflection.com or call me at 905 731 1686.


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