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Marine Hornet, Boeing F/A-18C
Unique head-on view of a Marine Hornet, Boeing F-18. This aircraft of the VMFA-251 Thunderbolts was photographed at MCAS, Beaufort, SC...with engines running and nav lights on.

The Hornet is a carrier-based single-seater that serves two roles, representing the trend toward multi-use aircraft, that are both fighters and attack airplanes. The Hornet joined the service in 1983.

The origins trace it roots to the YF-17, the unsuccessful contender with the YF-16 (F-16) in the Air Force's fighter competition. It was designed to replace the Navy's F-4 and A-7 aircraft. It is now the standard fighter in the Navy and Marine Corps and is also flown by the Blue Angels Flight Demonstration team. F/A-18's are also used by the Canadian forces in the Gulf.

As the F-18 day fighter, it carries a 20-mm gun, as well as Sidewinder and Sparrow missiles. Then, when fitted with A-18 attack equipment, it can carry bombs or rockets, and be a competitive air-to-air or air-to-ground fighter. It therefore has the ability to both shoot enemy planes, and bomb targets on the ground. Its special "Laser Designator" also allows it to accurately direct "smart bombs."

The first Hornet flew on November 18, 1978. It then entered the Navy and Marine Corp service in 1980. On their first combat mission in Desert Storm, two Hornets carrying four 2,000-pound bombs each shot down two MiG-21s without interrupting their bombing runs. Joining the A-6 in an attack role from carriers, the F-18 was used extensively in attacks on Iraqi positions. Marine Corps pilots also used the F-18 for close air support missions as they moved up through Kuwait. The F-18 was the first plane downed in the war, but overall losses were considerably low throughout the conflict.

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Boeing F/A-18C Hornet VMFA-251 "Thunderbolts" MCAS Beaufort, SC - Armed with 4 x Mk-82, 2 x AIM-9 Sidewinders, AN/AAS-38 FLIR, AN/ASQ-173 LDT/SCAM, external fuel tank - © Copyright Warren Liebmann 1998 - Printed by Silver Reflection Posters Inc. - www.silverreflection.com - Printed in Canada

Production Details
Size: 18 x 24 inches
Artwork: full color photograph
Print Method: 4-color off-set lithography
Paper: 115lb hot-pressed off-set
Finish: varnish coat
Reference: SR0005
Size, capacity: 18 x 24in
Weight: 1.00oz
Manufactured by: Silver Reflection Posters Inc.
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